Fall Television Premiere Season: Week One (Part 1)

We are currently in the midst of my favorite time of the year. Not just because everything from lattes to M&M’s is pumpkin flavored  (cue Homer Simpson drooling sound). Or because both college football and the NFL are in full swing. Or because the MLB playoffs are just next week. Or even because we are beginning to feel that crispness in the air, that crispness signaling winter has climbed out of bed but has yet to shake the sleep off.

Only one singular thing could possibly make more excited than any of those things can: Fall television premiere week. Well, technically it is the premiere season, but everything started this week. You get the picture though.

While I could be one that is consumed with annual anger over Firefly‘s absence from the Fall lineup, I choose to be happy. Happy because story lines are coming to a head. Happy because we are given the opportunity to fall in love with new shows.

Now, it can be rather overwhelming to keep up with all of the premieres, let alone watching all of them, so I have made the very difficult sacrifice of watching as much of them as I can for you.

By the way, there will be small spoilers here and there, so if you do not want to know ANYTHING at all about the shows, stop reading. I will NOT, however, reveal the big plot points; just details necessary for my assessments.

You’ll also find that I’m covering primarily Monday and Tuesday. There are two reasons for this. For one, covering the whole week all at once would make this article far too long; longer than it already is. As much as I love you guys, I wouldn’t do that to you. Secondly, most of the shows premiering Wednesday and Thursday are shows I have never watched and trying to play catch up would be a fruitless endeavor (this includes The Blacklist on Monday). Or they are shows I have absolutely no intention of ever watching (re: Shondaland).

So. Why don’t we get on with the show?

Yeah. I just did that.

The Big Bang Theory (Mondays, 8 ET/ 7 CT, CBS)
Photo courtesy of CBS.com
Photo courtesy of CBS.com

If I didn’t already have enough shows I love and have to watch on Monday nights, CBS goes and moves TBBT to Mondays. Oh well.

Now I seem to be one of the few people that have not jumped ship to join the sudden popularity of criticizing the show. Seems odd that so many people can love something and then as soon as they see other people not like it they jump on the bandwagon. But that is a whole other rabbit hole, so I digress.

To be honest, the TBBT season premiere was one that I was looking forward to all summer, so it was a nice surprise to find out CBS was airing two new episodes in one night.