I wrote this rough draft of a poem today. Hope you guys enjoy. -Jarrod

I love sound.

All sound.

Not just the laughter of a child,

laughter reaching down to your soul,

and embracing it.

Not just the soft rustle

of a book’s pages.

Or the crackle,

of the perfect crust,

formed by wrinkled, aged,

but loving hands.

Or the steady beat,

of the one


chosen to love you.

I even,


most especially of all

love the sound found in silence.

True silence.

Silence where not even





or hate

can reach you.

Howard Thurman calls this the

“Sound of the Genuine”,

that when it crescendos from a faint whisper

to an unrelenting buzz

to finally a swelling symphony,

you have found yourself;

your true self.

I call this sound peace.

At long last,



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