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The Renaissance Nerdcast, Episode Two: Teenagers with Attitude Interview

In this episode of The Renaissance Nerdcast I sit down with Cisco Davis, Jr., again–now that Teenagers with Attitude has been finished and released–along with the cast.

We talk about their experiences on set, the development of characters, various creative interpretations, and much more.

Give it a watch here:


And make sure to give Teenagers with Attitude a watch:


Cisco Davis, Jr.- Writer and Director

Kelvin Drama– Jason/Red Ranger

James R. Ling– Billy/Blue Ranger

Hayden Livesay– Zack/Black Ranger

Jennifer Ortiz– Trini/Yellow Ranger

Sophia Reaves– Kimberly/Pink Ranger


Renaissance Nerdcast, Episode One: Interview with Cisco Davis, Jr.

Guess what? I now have a podcast! I have thought long and hard about starting a podcast. Finally I decided I was thinking too much about it, and not actually doing it. So I did and I’m no longer thinking. Umm… well not literally but you get the point.

Anyways, for the very first episode of Renaissance Nerdcast I had the privilege of interviewing Cisco Davis, Jr. the writer and director of Zordan of Eltar: A Power Rangers Fan Film. We talk about Power Rangers, his previous work, and the fan film itself. He even makes a special announcement that you’ll only hear here. So sit back and enjoy!

Thanks guys.