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What is Toku?

Greetings Toku fanatics.  My name is Biohybrid.  Jarrod invited me to work with him to cover a subject I know quite a bit about: Toku.

You who are uninitiated might ask “What in heaven’s name is Toku?” It’s my job to tell you, and with any luck, get you interested in this awesome genre of nerd-dom.

Now, to start off, I should tell you the term “Toku” is an abbreviated term for the Japanese term “Tokusatsu”.  For those who know jack about Japanese, this still means squat to them.  Tokusatsu, when translated to English, means “special effects”.

You may be thinking well that’s in most tv shows and movies right?  You’re right, BUT in Japan there is an entire genre focused on just special effects. In fact,  most everyone on Earth has seen Toku and probably just haven’t even realized it.  You may claim bull all you wish,  but if you’ve seen ONE old school Godzilla movie, you’ve watched Toku.


Godzilla is known as a kaiju tokusatsu (kaiju meaning “strange beast”).  It was the brain child of one Eiji Tsuburaya and was the predecessor of modern toku today.

Since Godzilla, Toku has broken off into several franchises and sub-genres which I will cover in depth in future articles.  For now I’ll just give you a condensed list:

There are many more you can explore at your leisure but the above list makes up my little corner of Toku.

I hope this and my future articles will spark an interest in this amazing genre and get you engrossed in its majesty.  For now, this is Biohybrid saying Sayonara!